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"At-Risk Youth don't care about your curriculum & lesson plans, until you start caring about their circumstances!  

Whether you need a 45 minute introduction to unlocking your audiences’ potential, or a day-long intensive program that will teach your audience the application of performance-focused tools, Craig J. Boykin will work with you to create a truly customized experience.

Craig has tons of experience working with a diverse set of clients around the country, helping teams and managers break free from their routine and discover their unrealized potential. Using his engaging keynote presentations, Mr. Boykin taps into a deep well of personal anecdotes and professional training to deliver a message that is clear, engaging and compelling.

Most presenters present statistics,

Craig is a STATISTIC!

Every now and then you come across an individual who lives a humble life. Yet, his very presence strikes a chord within you. Craig’s story is one that moves, touches and inspires audiences. It’s a story about determination and personal accountability. It’s a story about a young man who refused to accept his current situation.  Although Craig has risen to high levels of success as an acclaimed author and professional speaker, it’s his down-to-earth personality that endears him to those that come across his path. His message is very simple… Change Is Possible! When Craig speaks, he reaches the hearts of his audience to motivate change in themselves and their community.

Craig has devoted his life to creating lasting change for those who desire it; Craig has risen to the national stage by delivering an inspirational message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness. It is a message that Craig has learned from his own life challenges and one he is helping others apply to their lives. Craig’s personal mission in life is to provide hope to individuals who feel that their current situation is hopeless. Craig travels the country presenting his seminars and workshops. Craig has published five books since 2013 and he has been featured on talk shows, won various awards, and his story has been shared in many inspirational magazines and across the web.

​The success of an event hinges on an established speaker who can deliver a powerful message while entertaining the crowd with a magnetic personality. Craig is known for his ability to connect with crowds through humor while inspiring them to achieve their goals. Every presentation is crafted with your overall agenda & theme in mind, providing greater value to the event through his dynamic style of entertainment.

When meeting planners research the top motivational speakers in the country, Craig J. Boykin (Ged to Ph.D) has cemented his reputation as a leading keynote speaker. As a master of his craft, Craig uses a number of techniques to create customized presentation experiences for his clients. Most motivational speakers offer canned approaches to their strategies, but Craig J. Boykin uses his expansive real life understanding and extensive education to develop presentations that will inspire motivation along with accountability.

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